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Withdrawal Policy for UW Faculty-led Programs

Withdrawal Process

Students withdrawing from a faculty-led program will be subject to the withdrawal policy outlined in the payment contract for their program. IPE uses a standard withdrawal policy for all faculty-led programs. Students are charged a percentage of the total program fee based on the date of the withdrawal.

Students withdrawing from a faculty-led program must 1) submit notice of the decision in writing to the program director and sponsoring department and 2) must turn in the formal withdrawal request form to the International Programs and Exchanges (IPE) Office.  The withdrawal date is considered the date a withdrawal form is received by the IPE Office.  

IPE Withdrawal Request Form


Sample Refund & Withdrawal Schedule

See below for an example of a withdrawal policy for a spring 2012 program.

The $350 program deposit and $300 Study Abroad Fee are non-refundable.

If a withdrawal is submitted on or before:

Student must pay $300 non-refundable Study Abroad Fee plus:


$350 non-refundable program deposit.


25% of total program fee, $ _____ .


50% of total program fee, $ _____ .


75% of total program fee, $ _____ .

After the start of the program

100% of total program fee, $ _____ .


Students will be responsible for paying any charges posted to their account by the designated due date, as well as late fees incurred for late payment. Any reimbursements of program fees will be credited to student accounts once a withdrawal has been processed. Typical withdrawals are processed 4-6 weeks from receipt of complete withdrawal paperwork.

Students wishing to withdraw after the 7th week of a full-term program or after the 3rd week of a one or two-month program may not be eligible to withdraw and should contact IPE for details.

IPE will use the date the withdrawal form is received in IPE as the official withdrawal date. The withdrawal fees will calculated according to the policy outlined in the payment contract. The student will be notified via email of the amount of withdrawal fees for which he or she is responsible. This amount will be charged to the student's MyUW account.

Emergency Withdrawals

If a student needs to withdraw from the program due an emergency outside of their control, the student should fill out a petition for reduced fees. Guidelines for this petition can be found on the IPE website.

Students withdrawing due to physical and/or mental debilitation, death or serious illness in the immediate family, severe financial hardship or other extenuating circumstances beyond their control may be eligible to submit a petition for emergency withdrawal.

Emergency withdrawal petitions are reviewed on an individual basis so final outcomes may vary.

Emergency Withdrawal Petition