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This form will search a database containing UW and foreign courses. When viewing foreign courses, click the Course Code to see potential UW equivalent courses.

IMPORTANT: The UW course equivalencies listed below are provided to help students estimate the UW course credits they might receive upon returning from a study abroad program, but they are not guaranteed. Course equivalencies for returning students are evaluated on a case by case basis by departmental advisors. Students should work with departmental advisors to determine how their study abroad credits will apply to their academic plan.
You searched for courses(active) applicable to the program, CIEE Open Campus Block Program in Rome.
Course Code
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Foreign Course Title UW Credits UW Major Term of Approval Approved By
CIEE Course
5.00 B A  2018 Autumn  B A advising 
CIEE Course
6.00 ITAL  2017 Winter  ITAL advising 
CIEE Course
5.00 ART H  2017 Winter  ART H advising 
CIEE Course
5.00 HSTRY  2017 Winter  HSTRY advising