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This page is the brochure for your selected program. You can view the provided information for this program on this page and click on the available buttons for additional options.
Dates / Deadlines:

There are currently no active application cycles for this program.
Program Information:
sociology italy
  Location   Perugia, Italy
  Autumn Semester / Academic Year
  Spring Semester
  Credits   20-25 UW credits per semester
  Eligibility   Junior standing or above by time of  
  departure; min. 3.0 GPA
  Language   Italian 303
  Adviser   Mike Renes |
  Jan. 15 (Autumn Semester and Academic Year)
  Spring Semester priority deadline
  May 15 (Spring Semester)
  General   This exchange is geared to students with
  advanced Italian language skills motivated to
  take regular, host university courses and fully
  immerse themselves in the life and culture of
  Italy and the vibrant student community in
  Where You Will Study
  Expenses, Financial Aid, & Scholarships
  Application Process
  Program Evaluations
  Visas This country is part of the Schengen area. Please click here to learn more about important rules and restrictions for foreign visitors to this area.


Where You Will Study

One of Italy's best-preserved hill towns replete with museums and churches, Perugia is also a hip student-town with a never-ending stream of cultural events and concerts. Within the city walls, little has changed architecturally for over 400 years, and a few hotels and restaurants are in triple-digit ages. Culturally, however, Perugia is on the edge. Two major universities, a steady stream of foreigners and a thriving art scene ensure that Perugia melds the modern with its past. It is the capital of the Umbria region, known as the "Green Heart of Italy". The University is situated very centrally in the city of Perugia, high atop a hill with spectacular views and breathtaking scenery.



The University of Perugia is one of the oldest universities in Italy dating back to 1308. Today, it has more than 35,000 students within 11 faculties (colleges). The University's research programs are conducted by 29 departments. In addition, there are 25 service organizations and research centers as well as 11 libraries with rich collections and equipment. UW students at the University of Perugia attend regular university classes alongside Italian university students and have access to courses from the full university curriculum.

In general, Italian universities place a greater emphasis on independent learning than most undergraduate programs in the United States, and the Italian university system differs greatly in structure from that of the U.S. Students will need to be flexible and prepared to negotiate the challenges of not only learning in another language but also learning to operate in a relatively different academic system. Students are expected to be self-directed and do research and study outside of the readings to guide the courses of their learning. Students are responsible for their own learning and must be self-motivated and committed to their independent studies in order to succeed. In general, grading for each course is based on the exam only and not on performance and participation during the semester. Usually, there are no mid-terms or other types of tests during the semester.

You can begin your search for courses right here:

Perugia course information

If you’re looking for a record of how courses from this institution have been transferred in the past, visit the credit equivalency database to help you determine what foreign courses might satisfy your academic needs here at the UW.

For more information on how these courses will appear on your UW transcript, please visit: credits for exchanges



Students are responsible for arranging their accommodations while in Perugia. The home of two universities, Perugia is accustomed to housing students who come to study for periods of 2-6 months; thus, it has many short-term housing options available, primarily in the form of shared apartments in the city center or just outside.

Students can arrange housing prior to departure or upon arrival. Those who choose to secure a room prior to departure generally use the University Quality System (housing agency). Students who opt to wait until they reach Perugia to search for accommodations find homes (usually very quickly) by answering advertisements or announcements that are posted around the school and in the city center. The University of Perugia also has a housing website with helpful information for students. In general, students are encouraged to wait until they arrive in Perugia to look for housing.


Program Expenses, Financial Aid & Scholarships

As a participant of a university exchange, you pay an exchange fee equivalent to UW tuition (1.5 quarters of UW tuition for semester-long exchanges, and 3 quarters of UW tuition for academic year exchanges). Exchange fees are determined by UW residency status: in-state students pay an exchange fee equivalent to in-state tuition, and out-of-state students pay an exchange fee equivalent to out-of-state tuition. The exchange fee and IPE administrative fee are charged to your UW account and due by the UW tuition deadline for your term(s) of study abroad. You should also budget for additional expenses such as international airfare & transportation, books & course materials, visa & passport fees, study abroad insurance and personal expenses.

For the total estimated costs of this particular program, you may request a budget by filling out a Budget Request Form.

For more information about budgeting, financial aid, and scholarships for study abroad visit our page on Finances.


Application Process

To apply for this exchange, click the "Apply Now" button and follow the prompts to create an application. After you create your application, click on each of the links on your study abroad application homepage and complete the remaining application requirements: questionnaires, material submissions, and electronic signature documents.

University exchanges may also require completion of a secondary application specific to the host institution. Instructions about this process will be provided to you by your study abroad adviser following your selection for the exchange.

See  Applications and Recommendations for additional information about the application process and tips for recommendations.

See Withdrawal for UW program withdrawal policies.



Program Evaluations

After participating in a UW Study Abroad program, students are asked to complete a Program Evaluation Report detailing their experiences abroad and giving advice for future students. These reports cover all aspects of a student's time abroad, including orientation, academics, housing, finances, and cultural differences. 

To see past students' evaluations for the University of Perugia Direct Exchange program, click on the link below.

There are currently no program evaluations for this program on file.

Note: student names and contact information have been crossed off for confidentiality reasons. If you would like to get in contact with a previous participant of this program, please inquire at the Study Abroad Office or email